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Flexible Holders: 1: Outer Diameter: 2.0mm-40mm (0.079 in-1.58 in) 2: Length & Connector: Customized 3: Finished: As per your request
High precision CNC machined connectors OME product ,Customized drawings are accepted
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A neck hanging fan with a silicone gooseneck holder is a versatile and convenient gadget designed to keep you cool on the go. Here's a detailed overview of its features and benefits:
Flexible gooseneck tubes for scanners are used to position and hold scanning devices such as barcode scanners, document scanners, or 3D scanners in various orientations and angles. These tubes offer flexibility and stability, making them useful for hands-
A USB charging data gooseneck tube combines the flexible, adjustable nature of a gooseneck arm with the functionality of a USB charging and data transfer cable. This type of product allows for both the physical positioning of a connected device and the si
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