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Heavy Duty Flexible Gooseneck Arm Hose Tube Features and Attributes

Gooseneck Arm Features and Attributes: 

Outer diameter:2.0mm-40mm (0.079 in-1.58 in)
Lightweight and Heavy Duty
Bends smoothly
Holds bent form
RoHS Compliant 

gooseneck tubing

Flexible Gooseneck Tube Material: iron ,Stainless steel and copper wire (Available with other materials as well)
All customizations outside of the standard listed below, will be custom and made to order. Please view Customizations for a full listing of available options.Customized Flexible Gooseneck Specification,
You can refer to below chart about the sizes of gooseneck tube or send us your drawing and let us know your required specifications.

Services Available Upon Request: 
The gooseneck spring Can be sheathed with heat shrink tubing or silicone Coated,making it airtight with an attractive exterior.

Common Applications: 
Headset microphone holder
Table lamp,floor lamp holder&Reading lamp
Fixed tube for oxygen regulators and inhalators
Endoscopy for industrial field
Gooseneck Antenna
Medical equipment arm
Tablet PC holder
Mobile phone holder
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